All the Bright Places🪐 - Jennifer Niven

This was a great book. Very sad ending, but still great. This book revolves around mental health. It’s about two teenagers, Theodore (Finch) and Violet Markey(Ultraviolet Remarkey-ble), who go to the same school. Finch is known as a Freak because he’s different. He has an abusive father, an uncaring mother, and indifferent sisters. Violet is a bright girl but with demons in her past (her sister died and she survived in a crash), which have put a halt to her life. They both get entangled in each other’s lives when Finch saves Violet from killing herself on the bell tower of their school.

They become partners on a school project where they have to wander to some fascinating places in their state. They wander to various places, getting closer to each other at the same time. On each of their wanderings, they take something and leave something from where they’re going. Both seem to be getting better, making each other happier than ever.

All of this comes to a stop when Violet finds out that Finch was going to a therapy group for suicidal teens, and tries to help him. She brought it up and that’s when all hell broke loose. They fight and she’s forced to leave his house. Knowing that something very wrong is going to happen, she confesses to her parents that she was seeing him secretly (against their wishes) and how he’s urgently in need of help. They’re disappointed in her, but decide to help. They call his mother who doesn’t answer the phone and leave various messages (none of which are heard). Violet goes to his house again but he’s nowhere to be found. His family doesn’t care as they think that’s just how Finch is. No one in his family really cares (maybe they’re all broken too). Finch reaches out to his family and lets them know not to worry and that he’ll be in touch with them every week.

After a couple of months, Violet is trying to move on. One day, she and everyone else in Finch’s life start receiving messages, which were more like goodbyes to everyone which makes everyone panic a lot. Violet is able to figure out what the messages actually mean and goes to one of their wandering places, the Blue Hole (a very deep lake with quicksand at the bottom). She sees Finch’s truck and his clothes near the bank. Finch had drowned himself.

After his funeral, she decides to complete the project on her own. She goes to the places left which they were meant to wander. In each of those places, she finds things that Finch had left behind. He was once there. The last place on her map was a place that Finch had added himself and he had left a letter there for her. I guess none of this would have happened if people had actually cared about him and actually given him a thought.

🪐🪐🪐🪐🪐🪐 🪐🪐🪐🪐🪐🪐

Sidenote: Seems like an easy format to write. Boy and girl in a social setting. The girl doesn’t like the boy, the boy starts liking the girl. The girl falls for the boy. Give them both mental health issues and a sad backstory. Make it seem like they’re getting better when one is not. Kill one of them. The End. (I know I’m not doing justice to the book, but it’s funny xD)

Rating: 9.5/10

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